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Shenzhen Jiaxu Photoelectric Co., LTD. Founded in 2003, is a research and development, production and sales of photovoltaic lighting-class LED products company. Can produce 20KK. Factory set up in the beautiful southern Taiwan, Tainan Science Park, Taiwan's high-tech research is the research and production center. With the development of LED industry is in line with the trend of green lighting, we are actively engaged into LED packaging industry, currently has a fully automated production line HI-POWER LED, SMD and imitation lumens type LED, we have been keen to provide one-stop solution to meet the most demanding customer needs, we have a dynamic team, committed to the design, development, production and sales of HI-POWER LED lighting related products, applications source.

We are committed to providing customers with high-quality lighting-class reliability HI-POWER LED products. We are proud of the quality of their products, not only because we control from the outset, the quality of (most advantage of the chip integrated supply channels), using the most advanced and complete production equipment, but also because of our strict quality control team quality control standards. Our goal is to further improve the efficiency of our lighting-class LED lighting products, lighting-class LED photoelectric products to achieve the ultimate reliability.

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